DefenCell: Advantages


The textile technology that is used in the production of DefenCell has created a fabric that is stronger, lighter and considerably more durable than other geotextiles. This results in products that are lighter and more compact to transport and provides the user with a significant logistical advantage over other protection products.

DefenCell is much easier to install and longer lasting than sandbags, lighter and non metallic compared to gabions, provides more structural strength than simple berms and, being filled on site, is much more compact to transport than pre-filled and concrete barriers.

As illustration, to create a 1.1m high, 0.7m wide, 3.2m long wall would require approximately (unfilled):

2 x DefenCell Lite 280 x Sandbags Gabions
7.20 kg 48 kg 46 kg
Logistics advantages
Logistics advantages
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