Where To See DefenCell

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DefenCell Fiberweb factories in Maldon, Essex, UK or Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

New products and features:

  • The new DefenCell MAC range of geotextile lined metal gabions
  • Homeland Security – Profile 300 barriers and Securiscape planters & street furniture.
  • DefenCell Explosive Containment – safer UXO disposal.
  • Ranger & LITE – lightweight infantry protection
  • DefenCell Flood protection
DefenCell on show
DefenCell on show
DefenCell on show
DefenCell on show

DefenCell In The News

DefenCell MAC awarded US Military force protection barriers contract
»» Download (96kb)

J&S Franklin display DefenCell MAC at CTX14
»» Download (126kb)

DefenCell Total Protection Capability demonstrated at CTX14
»» Download (135kb)

J&S Franklin launch new range of Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers
»» Download (159kb)

J&S Franklin focus on DefenCell Critical Infrastructure Protection at CIPRE 2014
»» Download (250kb)

DefenCell wins $1.2 Million contract for DC3 Force Protection System
»» Download (246kb)

Case Study on the DefenCell flood protection barrier
»» Download (588kb)

Defence Procurement International discusses DefenCell
»» Download (917kb)

NATO customer places 250,000 Euro DefenCell order
»» Download (189kb)

J&S Franklin to exhibit DefenCell at Warrior Expo East, USA.
»» Download (233kb)

DefenCell at Military Engineering 2012.
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Intersec Magazine reviews VBIED defences.
»» Download (1,026kb)

New Non Metallic Gabion launched at September 2011 DSEI.
»» Download (198kb)

DefenCell Flood Wall deployed in Smithland, Kentucky.
»» Download (136kb)

DefenCell deployed in Haiti.
»» Download (41kb)

DefenCell gains PAS68 Accreditation.
»» Download (116kb)

DefenCell launch Profile 300.
»» Download (47kb)

DefenCell wins $2 million contract.
»» Download (39kb)

DefenCell blocks VBIED.
»» Download (45kb)

DefenCell wins contract for Eurocorps.
»» Download (40kb)

DefenCell LITE for Infantrymen.
»» Download (62kb)

DefenCell vehicle barrier crash testing.
»» Download (69kb)

DefenCell at DVD09
»» Download (69kb)

DefenCell at FPED09
»» Download (91kb)

DefenCell blast and crash test reports available.
»» Download (70kb)

US Army buys DefenCell
»» Download (68kb)

DefenCell wins Construction Industry Award
»» Download (75kb)

DefenCell at FPED07
»» Download (71kb)

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